Home built before 1975? 

You may have a problem that needs immediate attention! 

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 If you own a home built prior to 1975, chances are you have plumbing issues or are developing issues that you may not be aware of yet. There may even be gas that your family is breathing that you cannot smell or see! 

 No pushy sales reps, just licensed public adjusters waiting for your call! No obligation. Get your questions answered!

Read below for all of the details on this breaking issue!

If you plan on selling your home and the buyers inspect the pipes, they can offer you $80,000+ less for your home due to the tremendous liability that cast iron pipes are.

Get your pipes looked at asap. It can't hurt to see the condition and plan accordingly. 

We perform FREE inspections!

You have probably seen and heard about this on TV and the Radio by now.

Well, why is this so important? What happens if I do nothing? 

Well, you can wait, or be proactive. However, the problem will not get any better. As time goes on, it will only get worse and cost you even more money!

 If you have:

Visible Water Damage (Baseboards - Behind counters, toilets etc)

Pipe Backups

Water ever stop draining completely?

Slow Drainage

Does  your water ever drain slow? Perhaps the washing machine as issues? 

Discolored Tiles

Look around! You may be surprised

Strange Odors (Rotten Eggs - often times you cannot smell the gas, but it can still be there -this is a major health issue!)

Broken - Warped Floor Tiles

We can help you find those


Mold - Do you have headaches, fatigue, allergy like symptoms,night sweats, brain fog, excessive thirst? Those are all symptoms of mold!

Stained Grout

Your grout should look new!

Those indicators are sometimes a sign of something small, and nothing to worry about OR they are a sign of a soon to be NIGHTMARE that requires an expert opinion and your attention immediately. That's where we come in. We get you in front of the experts!

If you do not pay close attention to your plumbing status, you may wake up or come home to sewage flooding and home repairs that can range well over $100,000 when you factor in mold remediation services, flooring, trenching floors and foundation for pipes. 


When sewage water backs up it damages, your floors, causes mold throughout the entire house, it can also ruin furniture and electrical wires. 

Basically, it can cause you MONTHS of headaches. Your insurance company will tell you "NO" and leave you on your own to pay ludicrous amounts of money you do not have, or do not want to spend even if you do have it. Why would you want to spend it? You bought insurance to protect you... USE IT!



Call us and we will get a licensed public adjuster on your side. The adjuster will consult you FREE of charge. You can ask them any question regarding your potential claim. They will fight on your behalf with the insurance company. 


The adjusters work on contingency; meaning they only get paid a small percentage when they gain you extra money and you get an approved claim! If they fail to earn you money for your damages, you do not pay a single penny until the adjuster wins and you come out tens of thousands to well over $100,000 in some cases ahead. 

Now, you could attempt to do this on your own, however, unless you are experienced with insurance contracts -you will likely spend months and months of your own time arguing  your insurance company only to receive a smaller amount than a public adjuster could have gotten you in a shorter amount of time.

The choice is clear. Hire professional help. If they get you a check for $100,000 the adjuster would earn 20 percent at the very end, after they have represented you over the next few months of the claim process in which you are never charged up front for. EVER!

So, in that scenario you would get $80,000 and they would receive $20,000. Talk about a fair deal!

The best part is that there is absolutely nothing to fear. Most people say "I am worried my insurance company will drop me or raise my rates."

Do not worry! In Florida, you cannot be denied insurance coverage. When you upgrade your plumbing system your property value goes up and other insurance companies actually find your house more appealing. You could even end up with lower rates!



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We will be by your side from beginning to the end and help you recover costs you may have already spent to mitigate pipe damages!

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